Property Management

Office Hours

Tuesday: 9:00 - 15:30 hod.
Wednesday: 9:00 - 16:00 hod.
Thursday: 9:00 - 15:30 hod.

Building Management


  • Cold water supply, sewage and rainwater drainage 
  • Lighting of common areas  
  • Heat and Hot Water Supply  
  • Cleaning 
  • Maintenance of lifts  
  • Insurance of the building and handling of insurance events  
  • Professional inspection and professional testing of equipment  
  • Repairs in common areas and equipment of the building
  • Administration of building boiler rooms  
  • Repairs in a flat and non-residential premises borne by the owner carried out on his/her request  
  • Legal claim and enforcement of arrears  
  • Advice on choosing appropriate technical solutions  
  • Professional Inspections

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Certificate PDF

To equip apartment buildings with a camera system, it is necessary to develop a project and obtain a certificate for its operation Video monitoring of the object

Real Estate Renovation

Buildings under Bytový podnik Myjava have undergone comprehensive renovations over the last period. All of our buildings are insulated and have a new facade.  

In apartment buildings, we also carried out the replacement of the balconies as part of the insulation and facade solutions, which contributed not only to improving the aesthetics of the urban architecture but also to increasing the safety of the population.

Building security

bezpečnostná kamera

In the case of the requirements of apartment building owners, we provide camera information systems in houses to increase health and property protection. The protection of personal data is incorporated into the system documentation in accordance with the applicable rules.

Camera information system

únikové cesty

Escape route plan



The interior premises of buildings managed by Bytový podnik Myjava undergo regular maintenance.

Accident Removal


Information for the Owner

vymena okien

Access to information

The inhabitants of the objects in our administration have through the online portal continuous access to information concerning the apartment and house owned by them. Send the request for registration on the portal to the administrator at the address 

Change in the number of residents

The reasons for reporting a change can be the following: childbirth, permanent moving out of the flat – due to the establishment of one’s own household, death, etc. The records of the number of persons are used to calculate the cost of using the lift and lighting the common areas. 

You need to report a change in the number of persons by completing a form. The completed and signed form needs to be delivered in person to Bytový podnik Myjava, spol. s r. o. Download the form

Purchase and sale of an apartment

Apartment owners and NPs acquire an apartment by depositing it in the real estate cadastre. After confirming the transfer from the real estate cadastre with the Deposit Decision or the Ownership Certificate, both participants in the transfer of the apartment will appear to the administrator for termination (original apartment owner) and accession (new apartment owner) to the contract on the administration in the dwelling house.

This change requires the completion of the “Delivery and Acceptance Certificate” form, in which the readings of cold water and hot water meters, as well as the reading of the proportional heat cost allocator (PHCA), which are located on the radiators in the flat, are specified.

The delivery and acceptance certificate of the flat shall be signed by both the new and the original owners of the apartment. If there are no digital proportionate heat cost allocators in the apartment where the values can be read at any time, the cost of heat consumption in the apartment shall be calculated according to the valid regulations.  

Download the “Delivery and Acceptance Certificate” form, fill it in, sign it, and submit it to Bytový podnik Myjava. Download the form

Announcement of Construction Modifications

The authorization of construction modifications in apartments, balcony glazing (loggia), installation of satellite and telecommunication antennas, etc. shall be governed by the Building Act, as amended, the relevant regulations and the organizational measures of the housing company. 

The officer in the relevant department shall check at the building authority whether the required construction modifications:

  • have the character of modifications that can be made upon the submission of an application to the building authority and the issuance of a building permit, or
  • have the character of modifications which are subject to a notification to the building authority; or
  • have the character that does not require a building permit or a notification to the building authority and is in the competence of the housing company.

In the case of construction modifications requiring a building permit or notification to the building authority, the applicant shall be guided by the instructions of the relevant building authority and by the instructions of the relevant section of the housing company.

In the case of construction modifications not requiring a building permit or notification to the building authority, the applicant shall be guided by the instructions of the relevant section of the housing companyAnnouncement of Construction Modifications   (PDF)

Change Administrator

zateplena bytovka


  • Summoning of tenants and owners meeting
  • Recall of the previous manager
  • Participation of tenants and owners
  • Suitable place and time
  • Writing minutes
  • Notice period
  • Select a new manager

Energy Consulting

vymena regulatora

Bytový podnik Myjava provides its customers with comprehensive advice to reduce spending on all types of utilities.

In our buildings, we have contributed to a significant reduction in energy expenditures by adopting the following measures:

Central Heating

Replacement of windows, doors, fillings
Installation of regulators on risers


Installation of security systems


Replacement of lifts, general lighting


Installing water meters with remote reading
A reliable solution that does not interfere with tenant privacy.