Myjava’s Mayor, Mr. Ľubomír Halabrín, and representatives from 18 non-profit organizations graced the event with their presence. The financial contributions were presented on behalf of SLOVARM and Bytový podnik Myjava by Radovan Pobočík, the CEO of SLOVARM, and Peter Špak, a member of the Board of Directors of the Energy Group.

This yearly tradition, which began over 15 years ago, aims to support small organizations that assist those in need, individuals suffering from diseases or facing social challenges, and entities promoting culture, folklore, and child welfare. Today, the reliance of non-profit organizations on donations and sponsorship contributions from corporations and businesses is more critical than ever. Consequently, in 2023, the shareholders of the Energy Group resolved to allocate a financial donation of €8,500,

which was shared among:

The Myjava Hospital and Polyclinic – voluntary blood donors
The Local Organization of the Slovak Association of Anti-Fascist Combatants
The Myjava Pensioners Club
The Slovak Association for Persons with Disabilities
The Myjava Women’s Union
Myjava Social Services
The Association for Support of People with Mental Disabilities
The Organization for Individuals with Chronic Illnesses
The Abstinence Club
The Myjava Pensioners’ Union
The Education Initiative for the Roma of Myjava
The Khamoro Community Center
The “Pampúšik” Daycare Center
The Slovak Red Cross
The Tourism Development Initiative
The “Christmas in Theatre” Project
BIBS Dance School.

An additional contribution was made to the municipal kindergarten in Myjava, which the city plans to open soon due to significant demand from working parents.

As the mayor of Myjava expressed during his speech, few companies are willing to offer such support. Yet, SLOVARM and Bytový podnik Myjava consistently donate several thousand euros each year. The mayor extended his gratitude to the companies for their support of the Secondary Technical School in Myjava, emphasizing the value of educating young people in technical fields.

Representatives of the non-profit organizations confirmed that these donations would be utilized to fund various activities, including:

The hematology and transfusion ward will enhance the conditions and environment for blood donors.

The “Pampúšik” daycare center plans to acquire educational aids and equipment for the children’s center and organize a Christmas party for the children.

The Pensioners Club and the Union of Pensioners will use the funds to host various events for their members.

Organizations such as the Organization for Individuals with Chronic Illnesses, the Slovak Blind and Partially Sighted Union, the Slovak Association for Persons with Disabilities, and others will invest the donations in enhancing their operations and activities.

These organizations, which operate on a voluntary and selfless basis, rely heavily on such financial support.